1. března 2008 v 19:01 |  Básničky
Hushed Voice
My eyes filled with tears
I bit my lip to keep from crying
I can't to grab an air
It was a saddest day of my life
It was a sad event
I heard this hushed voice
Everywhere and every time
I didn't know what that means
You touched your lips to my face
And then we kissed
Yes I knew that you're my love
My sweet love
Dear diary, I'm writing
Now, I'm lucky with you
You are my first love
You are my sweet love
I need you, I feel you
I must stick with you
Forever, yes, it's true
I lived in your shadow, baby
How can I tell you
I will still protect you
I will still love you
You're my best friend
So, how I can to tell you?
The talk will unfold many secrets
So, what I'm waiting for?
I'm rather nervously
I don't know where to start
The talk will unfold many secrets
Why are you going away too fast?
I want to tell you about it
But, how I can?
How can I tell you?
That you means a lot for me
It's not easy for us
You see that I'm dying without you
You have a keen eye
You drive me crazy
You don't understand
I see you in my dreams
How can I tell you?
I'm going to tell you a secret
I'm going to tell you that…
I like you
I promise that I'm with you forever
Close your eyes
I'm thinking of you
You're in all my dreams
So how can I tell you?
That I love you
You say that I'm good girl
How am I to take it?
You say that I have nice eyes
Do you think I'm pretty?
You say that I'm incredible
It's so nice of you
I'm glad to hear it

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